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From Zero to Mastectomy

"Jackie Fox has given a voice to women who have DCIS or stage 0 breast cancer, who read about women with stage 3 or 4 cancer and feel like their experience is insignificant. It is not insignificant; it can be a huge scare and a terrific amount of work and emotional stress. Fox’s humor and positive outlook do a good job of conveying the true experience without terrifying someone who might need to follow that path."

–Stephanie Koraleski, chief executive officer, A Time To Heal, a holistic rehabilitation program for cancer survivors

"Jackie Fox has done an incredible job detailing her experience with stage 0 breast cancer. She's explained her journey, physical and emotional, in terms that everyone can understand and has provided invaluable tips for understanding the diagnosis and creating a treatment plan. 'From Zero to Mastectomy' is a must-read for anyone recently diagnosed with stage 0 cancer."

-Vicki Tashman, founder, Pink-Link, Connecting Breast Cancer Survivors Online


"Breast cancer can enter one's life at any time and leave one asking how. 'From Zero to Mastectomy: What I Learned And You Need to Know About Stage 0 Breast Cancer" is a memoir of breast cancer that Jackie Fox faced when she luckily caught it very early, a stage referred to as stage 0. Faced with mastectomy to rout the cancer before it became a life threatening issue, she hopes to answer the questions that many women ask about the procedure. 'From Zero to Mastectomy' is an informative and highly recommended read.
-The Midwest Book Review

When Fox was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer, also called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), her doctor said that it was not very serious, but she soon learned that the treatment was the same as that for other breast cancers. This chronicle of her diagnosis, treatment, and breast reconstruction will help women diagnosed with this condition learn about their options and make decisions regarding their medical care.
Library Journal (9/1/10)
Named one of the Best Consumer Health Books 2010 by Library Journal (12/2/10)

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